Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam soon? Cycling is one of the most prevalent modes of transportation in Amsterdam, as you may know. But it isn’t only for the Dutch! Cycling will be a terrific way to see Amsterdam even during your stay.

In this brief tutorial, I’ll give you some pointers on rental bike in Amsterdam. And if you’re still unsure what to do in Amsterdam, this post will undoubtedly be of assistance.

Why Rental Bike In Amsterdam?

Rental Bike In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a relatively compact city with few hilly streets and a plethora of cycle paths and cycling routes that stretch for 400 kilometers. Even if you are not a natural athlete cyclist or are not accustomed to frequent bike ride, you will have no problem getting around on two wheels in Amsterdam.

You won’t have to look for a parking spot or pay for a cab if you rent a bike in Amsterdam. And there are so many cyclists in Amsterdam that vehicles are accustomed to riding alongside them!

Where can I rent a bike?

The bicycle is a fairly common mode of transportation in the Netherlands. The number of bicycles in Amsterdam is believed to be considerably above 500,000. Bicycle rental in Holland is simple because there are various reputable websites where you may reserve your standard bike, city bike, hybrid bike, electric bike, road bikes, cargo bikes or even a racing bike or a tandem.

Even once there, there are several bike stores and bike rental services, particularly in the city center near Amsterdam Central Station on the Amsterdam Canal Belt. Simply seek for a sign that reads ‘fiet’ (bicycle) or ‘fietsenmaker’ (bicycle maker) if your are about to discover Amsterdam.

Bike rentals at stores are available for periods ranging from 3 hours to several days. A one-day rental will typically cost approximately 10 euros. A deposit will be requested at the time of rental, and you may optionally purchase optional supplementary insurance.

Here are some examples of bike rental establishments in Amsterdam that are conveniently located:

  • Black Bikes Amsterdam is a brand with more than ten locations across the city, including one in the Famous Red Light District and another on Leidse Square. The nearest one to the amsterdam airport schiphol is located in the Gustav Mahlerplein avenue.
  • Yellow Bike Amsterdam is a bike shop with a bright yellow sign that is just a few meters from Amsterdam Centraal Station.
  • Discount Bike Rental Amsterdam is, as the name implies, a bike rental company. It lies in the Binnestad area of the city center. There are bikes available for rent for less than 8€ per day, one of the cheapest bike rental in the city.

If you stay in Amsterdam for a week or longer, you may occasionally save money by purchasing a used bike from a bike shop.

Book your Amsterdam bike rental online.

Rental Bike In Amsterdam

You may also rent a bike online if you wish to plan ahead of time to save time. Some bike rental stores will bring your bike to the schiphol airport or your hotel, and your hotel may even offer to rent you a bike.

Here are several reputable bike rental websites where you may rent a bike online:

  • Rentabike is most likely the most well-known platform. It has a huge range of bikes at reasonable pricing and is located in the centre of the city on Dam Square, just a few minutes walk from Central Station.
  • Bike City is a rental service in the Jordaan neighborhood that provides traditional Dutch bikes (black and without agency logo).
  • Mac Bike rents bikes for the entire family for an average of €10 per day, macbike bike rental rent out sturdy town bikes, child seats, children’s bikes, hybrid bicycles, hand brakes, tandem bike, and cargo bikes. You may pick up your bike from one of the city’s four agencies, one of which is situated near to the Centraal Station.

Take a bike tour around Amsterdam with a guide.

As I previously stated, riding is one of the finest methods to explore the Dutch capital. It is hardly surprising, then, that some firms provide guided bike tour around Amsterdam, like the amsterdam noord bike tour.

During these short tour, you will be given a bike and will leave in a small group with a guide to explore the lanes of downtown Amsterdam as well as some of the region’s most important cultural and historical landmarks.

What could be better than cycling through Amsterdam while listening to tales about the city?

Cycling safety precautions in Amsterdam

Rental Bike In Amsterdam

To have a pleasant riding experience on the streets of the Dutch capital, you should examine the following aspects and be aware of the following rules:

  • There are numerous cycling routes, so you can get about quickly, but it shouldn’t prevent you from following traffic directions and signs.
  • During peak hours, bike lanes can get fairly congested. Even though there is no formal prohibition, it is best to avoid stopping on the slopes as much as possible, except at red lights. Before turning left, use your arm to announce your purpose and give way to other vehicles.
  • Cycle routes are usually on the right, but if they have a white line in the middle, it signifies you may ride in both ways.
  • Many bicycles in Holland have a coaster braking technology. That is, you will have to peddle backwards to halt or brake your bike, it’s called footbrake bike. This approach is frequently safer because you will be braking using your leg muscles rather than your considerably weaker wrist muscles. Furthermore, braking is not dependent on a cable that might freeze or become loose. This braking mechanism is simple to understand, but you must get used to not raising the pedal before starting. Manual brakes are also available on some bikes.
  • Avoid getting your wheel hooked on the tram rails.
  • You may be under the effect of psychedelic drugs throughout your vacation to Amsterdam. Even though they are freely available in Holland, cycling after consuming them is definitely prohibited.
  • Bike theft is a typical occurrence in Amsterdam. Always use a lock and avoid parking your bike in a remote location. Also, avoid bikes that are very showy, as they are nearly often tourist bikes.

This concludes the article. I hope you learned more about bike rental in Amsterdam. Given the country’s culture, I believe this is the best spot for bike rental. The excellent local infrastructure will facilitate your exploration of this lovely city.

And if you’re looking to become a digital nomad and be able to travel freely, I’ve written a whole blog article on it!

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